St. Helens Safeguarding Children Partnership

St. Helens Reviews - Audit, Learning & Review Forum (ARL)

St Helens Audit, Review & Learning (ARL) Forum is a sub group of the St Helens Safeguarding Children Partnership (SCP). A function of the ARL is to undertake case reviews in relation to partnership working. These case reviews will be those that do not meet with the Rapid Review criteria and are considered to be lower level cases. The intention of the case reviews is to:

  1. Identify and extract any learning in relation to multi-agency practice which has resulted in good outcomes for children and families.
  2. Identify and extract any learning where there are areas for improvements in practice.
  3. Support future practice development.  

Whilst providing services to individual children and families, professionals within the partnership are always encouraged to reflect together on practice both from a single agency and a multi-agency perspective. This supports professional ownership of ongoing case reviews, however where this can’t be facilitated, practitioners can make a referral to the ARL sub group using the relevant referral form below:

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